Who has a DDOS attack story they want to share ? Dyn put up the good fight today... DDOS attacks can be incredibly difficult to deal with ... Internet of Things devices makes this an even more complicated situation. Outside of calling Prolexic, any vets have some good stories ?

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    I once DDoSed our local network, pissing off some coworkers :)
    I was working on zero configuration, where the clients (Raspberry PIs) have to find the server, by sending UDPs to the broadcast IP address. I made a mistake while testing... Infinite loop of UPDs. :D :D
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    @zfor yikes !!!! That's a good one ;) who hasn't DDOS'ed their own cluster before :)
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    One time my isp provided me a slow internet and expensive (scam idiots) . So I gone to another isp and i found the old isp master router and ddosed that ip for hours it was a static IP 😂 I guess they got many complaints that day about the network speed
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    The US have a good DDOS ongoing attack story 😂
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    Someone should remove a self propagating 'virus' which uses the same code as the botnet malware (they did open source it after all) which cleans all of these devices. You could sweep through large swathes of the internet quite quickly and cause significant damage to the botnets
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    When I first started an internship as a web developer one of our most high-profile sites kept going down (it was a political site) it was the only site I had done much back end work on so I was terrified that it was something I did...turns out it was a ddos attack, the site was hosted on flywheel and their guy told me he had to remove our site because the attack had taken out hundreds of other sites and they narrowed it down to ours (by process of elimination over a couple days by moving each site to its own box) I still don't really understand the whole debacle but once we got it set up with cloudflares ddos protection it all stopped...what a fuck scene that was
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