Intellij / vim

I primarily use intellij(-based ides) or vim.

Jetbrains is doing an awesome job with the intellij platform.
If its GoLand, IDEA, Pycharm, Webstorm, Rider or DataGrip.
Once you have indexed your project it works flawless. The autocomplete is EXTREME fast and very good. You got quick actions, refactoring and barely need to use your mouse.

Everything works fine. And if there is something missing there is an plugin for it. And if there even doesnt exist a plugin already, you can code one!

The price is relatively high, but its worth every damn cent!

For light editing and ansible stuff i primarily use vim.
Its good to go and i am pretty sure i am using not even 1 percent of the features. Although i am learning new stuff about it every day.

Its cool if i just want to code distraction free and dont want to leave my sweet $HOME. Yeah i am a linux & bash fetishist, although sometimes its driving me crazy.

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    Agreed. Though a recent bug on rider with C# 8 is infuriating. When you try to block a switch expression body it gets confused and blocks the entire expression, and no attempts to correct it will work.
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    @SortOfTested Uff, that sounds evil.

    I am just one of those "hey lets look at csharp again" java devs so i dont use it soo heavily.
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    I've no issue with the price at all, but that's because I don't pay 😁

    My only wishlist item is that Lombok support was built in, rather than a plugin. It works fine for now, but I've too much experience with plugins failing / becoming outdated to rely on it fully. I get that it's a third party framework, but it's pretty much become as standard as spring now for new projects.
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    I really like intellij and everything else they make... First time I started coding I downloaded NetBeans, eclipse and intellij. Haven't looked back.
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