Anybody here heard of Project Euler? It's a series of maths/programming puzzles, and I think it's great fun trying to solve them. 😁

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    You should! Some of the later problems can be difficult to wrap your head around (I've not even attempted the more difficult ones after reading them) but it's so satisfying when it finally falls into place!
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    Ooh, I didn't know about HackerRank. I'll check it out.

    Also, I just solved my 34th problem, when I begrudgingly switched to Python instead of C++. 😝
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    I find Codingame more fun :)
    Hackerrank is like : "here's a red-black tree, sort it"
    Codingame is like : "you're Batman and you need to find the joker's bomb by jumping from window to window with a detector"
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    @willol Ah, CodinGame I also enjoy. When I have the time, I want to sit down and try to tackle Nintendo's cryptography challenge. Should be fun. 😁
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    @dubniumaus I started with C++, but decided that Python would be useful for problems involving large numbers. Although I might still try to solve the ones I solve with Python on C++, as I find it more challenging, and consequently more interesting.
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    check out codewars too.
    pretty good stuff there!
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