The CEO has the audacity to ask why the features released in the last month were less than in the past.

Did you forget that you made every single person in the company take a 1-week furlough? Are you serious?

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    Or that, you know, global pandemic. Have you considered being super cool and servicing his brakes to guarantee his absolute safety in light of the immeasurable value he brings to the company in his position? He really deserves a free brake job given how much of a caring and empathetic leader he is.
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    I hope someone did standup to him with an honest answer.
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    He just probably wanted to know why..
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    @SortOfTested I used to think you were just quirky. Now I think you are insane. My kinda people.
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    It's amazing that some of these people seemed to make it this far in life while also being completely clueless idiots. Praying to the corona gods for justice.
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