That I don’t communicate well enough in English.

I’ve been working with teams that only speak English for a couple of years now, but I don’t feel that my conversation level is quite there yet. I’ve been getting better at it by, chatting with teammates, making notes before meetings and organizing my thoughts, but I’d like to get even better to improve myself and be more useful to my team when the time comes to deal with a complex bug that involves many people to solve.

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    Is this one of those "Sorry for the bad English" posts that are written with better grammar, spelling, and punctuation, than many native English speakers would manage to write?

    Because, aside from a misplaced comma, there's really not much wrong with it. I'm well aware that typing a post and taking part in a live conversation are two very different things, but it seems to me that you're doing much better than you think - unless your speaking skills are significantly worse than your writing.
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    @endor and even if they are, he's not alone. I write quite well, but fail hard at speaking. The two skills use different areas of the brain.
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    @Root Same here. I'm pretty happy with my comprehension/writing skills, but whenever I open my mouth... "Me brain no worky"
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    Many people lack communication skills regardless of language used.

    Don't worry, at least writing seems perfect, I doubt speakig is much worse. I know too many devs who aren't even capable of reading docs and googling stuff.. and they don't even know their english sux.. So you got that going for you!! Yay!

    Besides, even if your english is perfect, your client's might not be, so there will always be communication problems.

    Got of a conf call once, my coworker remarked I spoke to well, that I need to dumb it down next time aka speak with russian/slavic accent so they will understand me better.. xD

    I have biggest problems communicating with domestic clients anyway.. Do we speak the same language?! Yes.. Do we write the same language? Checked.. Do I know what the fuck they meant with that jira comment?! Fuck no!!
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