I was not happy with the way my team lead made those technical decisions. I couldn't do much about it. Hit with frustration, I switched job.

What a coincidence, my new employer is exactly his old employer. Although I liked the company with my impression from the interview, knowing this fact made me nervous. What if this is the place that bred him into what he is today?...

Turned out the reality is not cruel. I'm joining a team that is formed way after he left. And this new team is expected to bring changes to the old-fashioned existing product (or simply a revamp/remake if you call it).

And it's interesting for me to now come to understand the poor decisions he has made. I said I "understand". This does not mean I agree with him now. His approach makes sense when I look at the old-fashion product I am working on. But it still feels wrong in many ways for the product he is now in charge of.

There, I witness that someone with experience is not necessarily smart.

This is the same guy who said "That's why I don't like to catch exception."
FYI https://devrant.com/rants/2420797/...

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    The lesson here is, when you buy experience, make sure it's the right experience 🥳
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