I always want to work on a bazillion side-projects but don't have enough time because college, work, etc. Now that I have all the time in the world to work on side-projects I have zero motivation and just waste my time on YouTube.

This sucks.

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    Set smaller goals. Set up a physical kanban board you can breze through and get gratification out of it by eliminating the tasks on the board.

    Youtube is designed to give you dopamine happyness and keeping you glued to it as much as possible to show you adds. And it's tempting to think why do something uncomfortable like thinking 7 layers deep of code abstraction when you just can sit on your couch and be entertained? But doing that you just get old and unhappy fast. Life needs some risks and long term goals to be worthwhile. How good are you with other humans?
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    @heyheni "I don't know let me ask my mom"
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    @melezorus34 how mean of you 😟
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    @heyheni not too bad, but not too good either. Okay-ish I think. Why you ask?

    I actually don't like watching YouTube except a couple of channels, I just do it because I'm too unmotivated to do anything else :/

    I like your small kanban board idea though, I'll give it a try.
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    @heyheni no, sometimes my brain goes offline and I ask things to mama.
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    @neeno because socializing is a good alternative and far more fulfiling way to get dopamine.

    set goals like "brush teeth" "vacuum the living room" "water the plants" "hack the govement" "world domination" 😄
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    Wasting time on youtube watching videos of possible side projects I also want to do... The lost just gets longer and longer
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    @heyheni yeah, I agree, but on lockdown it's not possible to socialize a lot. I think I'm just at a not-so-good phase, I have friends but no one super close I can talk about anything I want, I don't have anyone I trust enough to share deep personal stuff.

    Eh, it'll get better with time (I hope so at least).

    Setting goals for regular stuff like brushing teeth, exercising, walking my dog, etc is good but gets tiring after a few days.
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    Well if you start your day from watching netflix or videos then its no wonder why u have no motivation
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