The best parts of being a developer:

1. Full Internet access and admin rights.
2. It's nearly impossible for someone to tell if you are working or just zoning out.
3. We have the best online communities... because we make all of them.

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    I open Stack Overflow to pretend I'm working. 😆
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    @burswag I used to work with a guy that literally would just come in and sleep. He's so his work for the week on Friday before he left. Other than Friday and attending meetings he was head down, and out cold.
    He was one of the most efficient developers I've ever worked with. So no one had an issue with it.
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    And if we don't have full internet access, freedom ain't nothing but an SSH Socks5 proxy away.
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    2 is so cool
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    #2 haha! 😂
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    #2 is better if you master both cmd-tab and swipe between Spaces skills 😂
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