I don't have to deal with this, cuz I know I am shitty dev..
I get the job done, most of the time better than the previous devs on this project.. but if you drop me in an entry level interview, I know I'd flunk it.. big time.. I don't have the necessary theoretical knowledge and my terminology sux..
Was discussing new hires with my boss and he was like wtf you're talking about, you're a senior.. I'd consider myself a middle at best due to lack of theoretical knowledge..

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    Look, I have barely any legit classical training in anything yet I'm a senior dev manager after years as an application architect. I've mentored several people and experienced some really shit code over the years but I've noticed a huge difference in people who move forward and those that lack the conviction to self improve. Attention to detail, the ability to research, learning from your mistakes and owning that next time will be better is what gets a dev better. Screw theory. By the time you think you learn what you'd need to know, everything changes. At the root of it all, it's a computer that has instruction sets. Consider the paths you send this machine on, how it will handle it, remember your operational contexts and keep on keeping on.
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    @r3nrut haha yes.. this is why they hired me, because I'm resourcefull and (almost) never give up and love to learn new things (even if it means learning ancient stuff left in projects noone dares to meddle with)..
    I'm in charge of several products now, get consulted for things.. but if I get a CV of potentional new hire and they are older than me and have a better education (at least on paper) than me it still sends chills down my spine.. how can I mentor someone that at least looks like has waaaaay more knowledge than me..
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