Just when I was getting used to working from home, my stupid friend made my life even more hell.

I live in a 1 bhk apartment. It's just enough for 3 guys to live comfortably. Now this stupid friend has brought in 3 of his friends since lockdown started and it looks like they are here to stay unless offices start functioning again.

I'm not a smoker and I don't like drinking every other day. Ever since his friend's moved in, it smells like I'm living in a chimney and they drink evey other day.

I don't like their lifestyle or work ethics. I try to blend in but it's a hell here for me trying to focus on my work and goals.

I'm just lucky they haven't brought in any corona yet.

I'm currently interviewing for a new job and I hope it will help me get out of this shit hole as soon as possible.

I have declined their offer for me to drink because I really want this new job. Now, I'm that odd guy in the group who doesn't drink or smoke.


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    Can't you just talk to your friend and ask him to send them away? Don't go angry at him, ask nicely. Tell him that bringing friends over for a few days is ok, but you don't want them staying there for much longer. Tell him you need to work, study, etc and that you don't like how things are at the moment. If he's a good friend he will understand, I he doesn't he can suck a cock and idk what to do :p
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    I think you mean roommate and not friend. A friend would know your lifestyle choice and wouldn't impose undue stress on you by making you uncomfortable in your own home. You need a new roommate or to move out.
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    @rutee07 Haha true. I miss that freedom 😅
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    @neeno Yea but honestly, I'm worried of getting singled out. Given the current situation with lockdown, it would be impolite to ask them about moving out.

    Last night after I wrote this 2 of the guys who had a drink ( i also finally caved in and drank ) and rode neighbour's 4 yr old kid's bike and pissed them off.

    Now I'm also looking at the possibility of getting kicked out along with them from our apartment.

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    Are they at least chipping in on the rent, water, electricity...? If no, then tell your 'friend' they overstayed the visit and if they want to stay longer they should start paying their part at least if not your whole part as a substitute for your inconvenience..
    If they are already doing so..well you can still talk to the friend.. in retrospective it's a bitch to 'negotiate' terms of visit, but at least you can explain what bothers you and ask for not smoking inside etc..

    I am fond of Sheldon's roomate agreement.. it eliminates problems like this because you negotiate and fix the terms of visit/living in the same apartment and have some ground to enforce the rules..

    As for the smoking.. I smoke, but never ever in the apartment.. not sure why landlords even permit smoking indoors o.O
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