I was working a very hard project the VP of engineering asks me what he can do to help. I said find 5 more guys like me who can do the work. He laughs.

He then hires a guy. Who can't do any of the work.

I fire him in 3 months time cause he sucks.

The boss man then complains and says I can't fire all the guys. So I just ban the dum ones from charging my program.

So I get three interns next cause you can't fire coops I figured it would be easier to teach them then to watch a guy peck at a keyboard.

Now those interns just replace all the dum ones and I am happy. Rather work with them. Now everyone else wants my internship to work for them. They all get taken away to work with other teams.

Now I'm sad.
Stop stealing my interns

Hey new batch of interns.
Let's see what they know

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