The more depressed you get over the current state of software is how you know you made it.When you start making your own opinions and say"wow these people are full of shit"

Primary example, the web development overblown bullshit. Fuck me dude, you really don't need that full featured react, vue, angular framework to make sense of shit. You are going over the top for fucking ajax functionality and state management that you could do by yourself without needing to learn a full framework, by the time you finish learning react you probably would have been better served with standard vanilla af JS and server side rendering.

Our world is full of fads and many talented people that perpetrate them. Its fine, it is a the nature of the beast. But a lot...A LOT of software is very POORLY written. And adding levels of abstraction over a very broken paradigm (web in this case) does and will not make it better.

Basically I am fucking hating being a web developer and want to go back to a time in which we cared about how much memory consumption our applications made as well as not worrying about the fucking frontend having the ability to implement machine learning.

I want to run sublime.exe and being sure that it is a native application to my system and not using a fucking contained web browser to implement my fucking text editor. With 20mb of ram at most instead of 500mb WTF.

I knew I made it when I could read comments on Hacker news and reddit and say "this idiot is full of shit", I knew I made it when I would sigh heavily at the idea of having another project rather than having a fan girl attitude towards it.

I knew I made it when people writing about software development meant shit to me rather than the wonder of what the fuck they were talking about.

I knew I made it when getting laid was more important to me than fucking around with code.

pussy > code
Fuck you.

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    Depression as a measure of achievement 🤔🤔🤔 huh.

    Tho, disillusionment is certainly a measure.
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    You and @FrodoSwaggins both posting exactly what I want to. If only I had the energy.

    I'm so tired.
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    JavaScript is that cycle which never ends. One framework per day and people starts praising it.
    I have seen JS devs who learnt react and then switched to vue and now planning to switch over svelte because it's new cool thing is JS market.
    Nowadays it's all about deno.js. Tomorrow it will be someFancyNewFramework.js

    Most annoying thing is JS fan boys switch framework and then write a blog about, Why you should learn xyz.js instead of abc.js or You should switch to x from y. But the blog is full of shit, poor reasoning but fan boy only learned about how to make ToDo list and still praising framework like it is the saviour of the front end world.
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    Software in general is a piece of shit,
    Problem is we work on a layer behind interpreter, compiler , asm, digital logic, gates

    It became piece of shit because human beings are mostly dumb and dumbness is addictive, it gets added for all layers.

    So by the time your are writing that awesome code it mostly does not matter because all other layers are fucked.
    More you know you realize that you can’t possibly do anything about it because even if you develop everything from scratch it won’t be popularly used / deployed.

    for me
    Right hand > code
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    My brother is a firearms fanboy and while explaining to him the state of software development, I gave the example of what would happen if 3d printers which could print proper metallic firearms were mainstream and costed next to nothing. The kind of inferior quality firearms people would start producing, to the point where a patchwork Frankenstein gun was the average standard. That, is the state of software development in an age where it takes minimal effort to enter the field and with the disproportionate number of newbies, anything can be hyped up.

    (Disregarding the controversies involving firearms being publicly available, just talking about the hobbyist aspect of it)
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    pussy > code
    Yep I realized the same a few months back.
    That's why I got this one:
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    @NoMad you are right in that sense. Depression would be a bad level of measurement, certainly a sad one to even consider.

    I am just so tired of being a web dev man ;_____; if my skills and knowledge level were up to it I would have jumped ship to embedded development from the get go ;___; but I have far more knowledge and experience on web development. I know enough about analytics and data science to move there, but I don't like fucking with that unless it is for my very own fun little stupid projects.
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    @alcatraz627 that and years of letting anyone get in from certain fields.
    I for example, love PHP, I can use it well enough to not get bitten in the ass by dumb shit the language allows one to do. But dear me man I can see why people hate it based on the amount of shit code that has been provided by legions of people that jumped ship into it. VBScript and Classic ASP was the same albeit Microsoft was smart enough to generate something that will standardize procedures from an earlier stage. But because there is close to a 0 barrier of entry into web development we have all this shit, your example is pretty good, i am gonna start using it :P I'll send you the royalties.
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    @rodrigograca31 wish I could have a cat like that one. For whatever reason the elder gods decided that I was to be allergic to them glorious creatures.
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    @rodrigograca31 oh my god that’s one evil fucker you got
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    @scorpionk It really is like that. I can only imagine the shit that we are about to see popping everywhere because of deno. Don't get me wrong, I do like Node and work with it a lot, but fuck me man the state of web development is such a shitshow.
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    @AleCx04 The state of web development is going downhill for sure.

    We will soon arrive at one point where we will spend almost week(at least) discussing about which front end framework to choose out of all the frameworks available out there.
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