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I freaking hate it when people call me to fix their 9 gazillion dollar ultra extreme enthusiast alien technology pc just so they can play a a god damn freaking son of a damn bloody bitchy fb game on 9000 fps in 4k while some people struggle to have 6 tabs open at the same time so they can code+compile+preview+consult the interwebs. And lets just not mention the amount of monitors mmkay?

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    Or, you could fix their computer and be happy to have the clients, take the money and save for your own machine that can handle more than 6 tabs?

    Just sayin' I've always been a believer in "If you don't like your situation, change it."
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    I like the tag #centrino you put on the rant, that explains alotta things :)
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    Centrino can handle 6 tabs!?
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    @purged very true, but sometimes you just can't afford
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    @flag0 very slowly and 1 task per time. Cc linux
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