When you almost fall asleep but then windows 10 starts your computer up for no reason. 😤 💻💥🔫 😴

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    @dontbeevil It just wakes up from sleep would be weird if it happened when the pc is off
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    @Zeptinune they're all right
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    Can't tell you how many times that has happened throughout the years
    0. get woken up at 3 AM
    1. powercfg -lastwake
    2. disable "wake on LAN", go back to sleep
    3. wake up again 4 AM. open ctrl panel and disable every single device's wake settings
    4. next morning, you can't start the PC via the keyboard any more. ;) can't figure out which input device the keyboard is mapped to. enable everything again.
    5. repeat
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    You need to disable the option that automatic updates can wake up your pc. It is turned on by default, Microsoft is on drugs.
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    Wake alarms can wake up the sleeping PC. Windows has it on by default in 10 to do what else, updates.
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    It's ghosts, I tell you! It's Halloween :D
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    It hapened two more times that night, had to turn off my PSU. I lost my 60 Firefox tabs, but at least I got 3 continuous hours of sleep.
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