When I got positive feedback from senior and lead software engineers in PS4. They were in Namco before, and developed the games I played when I was like 8-9. Real life heroes.
It was a technically complex collaboration, tight deadlines and 0 documentation in places where it was crucial. I was the only one they mentioned specifically for good work, and the only one who got a gift from them when they came to visit :)

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    oooooh! What did you work on if you don't mind me asking?
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    @Wisecrack The company was producing volumetric videos, and I was preparing a SDK that will run the decoding and rendering pipeline on PS4
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    did you see the desing of the PS5 before the landing?... you could have say something to them... hahahah... sorry. Just a good rant, I would like to feel like you in a future ;).
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