so if i get this correctly :

1. mongodb( community server) is going to create some files in my system which will be called "databases/collections/document bullshit via its own special process called mongod (similar to mysql , but ok)

2. my python flask app is going to connect to it via its official driver pymongo (which could be used directly)
3. mongoengine is a library (more of a wrapper on pymongo) providing "easy ways for connecting mongodb via pymongo" (which again could be used directly)

4. flask-mongoengine is library (more of a wrapper on mongoengine providing "easy ways for connecting mongodb via mongoengine via pymongo" (which again could be used directly)

5. flask-pymongo is some another bullshit library/wrapper that took away 6hours of mine which again is "A FUCKING WRAPPER PROVIDING EASY WAYS FOR CONNECTING TO MONGODB VIA PYMONGO"

seriously, fuck web development. Why can't the original driver (i.e pymongo from mongodb devs) could have simpler wrappers? and why does my fucking tutorial instructor had to use the most fucking rarely used flask-mongoengine (which i accidently read as flask-pymongo and got f**ked) to teach newbies? fucking day wasted trying to understand this crap.

I don't like monnopolies, but its somewhat good that the mobile environment is still in the hands of nononsense players like google and oracle(java) . atleast we don't have people releasing wrapper over wrapper over wrapper and then fighting about which wrapper is better to use.
Like , even when devs started cmplaining that android dbs are too difficult to understand, google themselves created an actively supported wrapper that shutted down the fight over which wrapper to use(sqldelight, realm,sql bright etc)

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    This was my experience with sql and flask as well. We needed a driver that had to be installed via apt (for a python client), the wrapper via pip, then the ORM layer, then the helper library to connect the ORM with flask. Our readme for getting this going on a fresh system was still being updated weekly a year into the project due to all the dependencies outside of python.

    A lot of the functionality was ass for anything remotely complex so we wrote most of our sql calls as parameterized raw strings anyway.
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    If you had done the reading before hand you didn't need the crappy tutorial in the first place....

    *Flies away*
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    note to self : my grammatical errors are embarrassing when i am sleepless and try to rant
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    " it's good that the mobile environment is still in the hands of No Nonsense companies like Google."

    looks at google android api and default tooling.

    sees this post.

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    @Wisecrack which android api are you talking about? and i am not sure what exactly u mean by tooling.
    But yeah i will agree that there must be a lot of apis and frameworks that google also shatted upon.
    The most irritating actions of google in my past android experience was their fuckup with storage apis and their overall deprecation mechanism. they kill their own libraries wtf
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