1. Do you know why my computer is so slow?
2. What cellphone do you recommend me to buy? (They always end up buying the cheapest)
3. What do you do at work? (Answer: "I create applications". Anything more complex than that is not going to be understood or they will loose interest)
4. Something is wrong with the: [TV, Cellphone, microwave, etc.]. Could you please take a look? (Believe or not, if something works with electricoty, my family thinks I can fix it).
5. Is it true that if I send this WhatsApp message to all my contacts I will have more options?
6. I need to build an application that (pretty much The Matrix), how much time do you need and how much would cost? Don't you dare to give me wrong numbers. (We have to see the future)
7. (Continuing the previous point, a non-technical client) I don't think that would take so much time/money. (Every time)
8. I want to use the latest Front-End frameworks. I want to see all those beautiful animations in my page and that it runs smoothly... I also need that it runs in IE 5.
9. So, you have been working in the back end? If you don't have a screen to show to the client is like you didn't do anything in this sprint.
10. Why haven't you built and million dollar application? Everybody is doing that right now....

Yep, those are only a few downsides of our profession if we count family, friends and even co-workers. But I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

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    1) Stop downloading "YouTube Downloaders" and "free search bars" and I will talk to you again.

    2) Just get an iPhone and let the real pros handle the androids.

    3) I use my brain to solve logic puzzles, like a mathematician.

    4) Do I look like I know how a microwave microwaves?!

    5) Just get Telegram, please?

    6) Well, let me explain this to you... *rambles on for hours about the matrix movies*

    7) Then why don't you try it yourself if you have the experience just do it!

    8) huh, classic.

    9) *flips table*

    10) I just like to be different from time to time...
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    @Hawkins I may use two or three of those answers hahaha
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    @jmcaicedo I would be honored :)
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    Whenever someone asked me about the best phone to buy, I tell them to get an android(normaly a one plus), however because iPhones rule the market in america, they never take my advice.
    That's totally fine with me. However when they don't take my advice and come to me a day after buying it asking how to use apps, I don't help.

    I get even more annoyed when their reason for buying it is because "iPhones are easier"

    The irony.

    Also, no joke, my aunt asked me to fix her microwave. I'm in highschool.
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    If I'm ever in a situation where I'm hiring someone to make a website, I'm just gonna tell them, "Yknow' what? Don't worry about IE, no one cares about that trash."
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    Number ten.
    Replace application with business and you can see how fundamentally broken that idea is.
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