Do you type "" then write the contents inside or " and then contents then "?

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    Open the quote, content, then close the quotes. Like a human being.
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    Open quote, let the IDE create the closing quote, type my content inside the quotes
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    Neither - I type " and then my editor autocompletes the closing quote and puts the cursor inside them for me. 😉
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    What @digital216 said.

    Let the IDE do the work for you.
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    My IDE does the work and I usually don't appreciate it.
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    I'm livin that IDE life too...
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    I hate when it autocompletes...
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    When using an IDE I do what everyone else is saying.
    Everywhere else I type `""` then I got back to type content. It's like an habit already.
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    I do the first one. "" first, then fill it in
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    Besides IDE I also do both "" and then fill it.
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