Google groupthink.

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    Twitter is cancer.

    Literally everyone one there is either retarded or toxic as fuck. I'd rather go without internet than I would use Twitter.
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    Also, I lost fucking braincells reading this.
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    @Stuxnet Sad thing is, I really enjoy their lectures/talks. Wanted to follow them on there while trying to avoid any other topic other than web dev.

    How naive of me.
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    Yeah fuck established git tradition for no reason at all. This marxist bullshit is the fucking cancer on earth
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    @halfflat We're a community built on logic and science.

    It's illogical to be uncomfortable over a mother fucking world, ESPECIALLY whenever the word is related to a historical event you've never experienced.

    People are huge fucking vaginas and are giving words too much power in their life if they allow words to make them uncomfortable.

    Some of y'all weren't verbally assaulted as a kid while playing COD and your thin ass skin shows it.
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    Renaming things doesn't change a thing.

    Trying to erase words doesn't change a thing.

    It's just painting over and playing make believe.

    We did this a lot of times - guess what, didn't work.
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    I mean, weabflow can still be a thing ya'll.
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    @Stuxnet These are professional victims who WANT to be offended. Caving in to their madness will not resolve anything because they will just complain about something else. Doesn't matter what, they're just attention whores.
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    Not sure what you mean. Socrates hated democracy, he was also executed for teaching that hatred. Plato narrated his feelings directly in the republic book VIII. Democracy in their school is viewed as a late stage inferior construct descending from oligarchy, and is the final stage of tyranny of the majority that begets authoritarian tyranny. He knew this was the absolute outcome.

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    All the renaming just reminds me of the book "1984" now...
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    @12bitfloat @IntrusionCM come on guys. Its not hard to rename you branches. I renamed my master branch to "fuck". Because I don't give a fuck.
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    @hack I don't really care that they are renaming the default branch or what the new name is. I care about *why* they are renaming the default branch

    Idiots like these believe in a fundamentally collectivist ideology among other things that I detest with every fiber in my body
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    @sudocode Sadly a lack of freedom is a way more likely outcome than freedom. I'm not aware of any society that moved towards freedom. It's always the other way until everything breaks down and something new is created. If we're then lucky enough to have people in charge who understand the importance of individualism then you might get a new, free society. Other then that I really don't see a way of this cancer ever getting smaller. Freedom never grows on it's own. It's always under attack
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    So that frist-branch default name debate is still not finished?

    Let's call it "root" as it (normally) is the root of all further branches.
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    @Stuxnet It's unfortunately easier to do little changes like that for good PR, instead of educating people correctly.

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