I can't stand when people spend a single day familiarizing themselves with a new technology or concept and then come to the conclusion that's it doesn't work and really the old way is great. Not saying all new things are better. In fact, I'm probably more in favor of tried and true methods than shiny new methods. But one day? Really? That's all it took? In this particular case it's code-first DB development. Again, I'm not a fan myself really. But I have a co-worker who said creating tables and and schemas is much harder using code-first instead of DB first. I mean... Neither are hard. I personally think it's easier for basic things like tables and schemas but either way it's not hard. Now SQL triggers and index's all that fun stuff? Yeah code first is probably more complicated (I'm clearly not a database expert or anything). But a day? Really? You know enough to force a design paradigm on the whole company now? Wtf.

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    The other way around is also true. Time constraints are usually money constraints or some other business reason. What if suits want you to make a decision in 8 hours? Not adopting new tech is a logical consequence of such a constraint.
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    @Inxentas fortunately the company I'm at never expects a decision on a new technology to be made in a single day. Technical details are left up to us. But I could see how some environments might justify it. Except the rest of the team, some of which have more experience, where pushing for code first.
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    I'm in the same boat, being the only programmer on the team these days. I always disliked having my frameworks being picked based on the need for such a paradigm, which is quite common in big companies these days.
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