I love using C# 3 language on a .NET 2.0 WebForms application... Fml

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    Been there, there is VB once too

    Stay strong
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    So what company are you at and how soon should I be compromising your infrastructure?
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    Still better than JavaScript
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    And by the way :
    You can refactor webforms to NOT use webforms
    You ca disable session
    You can disable ViewState
    You can import any modern JS framework (Except react maybe, but react is shit anu way). Go with angular or knockoutjs
    You can create “some” web api using JSON.
    Basically you can build a 75% modern app on that platform.

    9Edit : yes, ASMX services can recive JSON and send JSON, just like any API)
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    You seem to know a lot about JS 🤔 An educated hatred or just a man who knows type annotations are the way to go?
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    @jschmold This post is not even about JS lol
    And if you want to know why I hate js : refactoring, tooling and variables scope. (Some of these are addressed in ES6, but wow, just fucking use TS)
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