I want to work alone at software projects.

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    Then do it by all means.
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    @vintprox , possible only on personal projects. Otherwise morons who want everything done without reading docs are there.
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    @AngryDev9981 if you write docs for project and expect them to be understood right off the bat, and they didn't comprehend it, it's whether human's nature or your writing to blame. No offense, but you could be more collaborative and say what this team project is about, at very least.
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    @vintprox , My documentation and docs are surely prone to error but chances of me correcting the documentation depends upon someone willing to read them in the first place and not asking me questions before reading them.
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    @AngryDev9981 how do you measure docs reading activity? Whether they are bunch of slackers that don't take time reading anything at all (and *that* audience you'd like to avoid), "no discussion" policy is in place or they are simply not instructed properly how to open documentation (missing links in README, loose directions, etc.).
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