"git checkout HEAD ." Instead of "git reset HEAD ." Smeg! Just shoot me. I'm going to bed and restarting in the morning like today never happened.

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    My version of this is 'git checkout branchname path/to/file .' because I want to copy from the path to here. I've done it three times now.

    It's like dropping a table in sql. No confirmation dialog. No warning. Just a silent "ok" and new console line.
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    git reflog to reclaim something at least?
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    @SortOfTested that's saved me more than once.
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    @ltlian “With great power comes great responsibility”

    Or that sinking feeling of “ oops””
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    @SortOfTested who's a what now? I spent 20 min trying to see if i could undo what I did. Thanks for the tip, will need to check that out.
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