+7yrs experienced dev start at the company. I need to onboard this person.

Gave 2 simple bugs to solve, it couldn't solve either. Asked so many questions that I had to stop, solve the bugs myself and give the solution. Which raises the flag that this experience might be a lie.

This person doesn't really listen, so I don't want to tutor. Even though I can already feel that my manager will say that part of the responsibilities of being a senior as I'd like to be, is to tutor newcommers (I can count on my fingers the amount of seniors who actually tutor, but I know this is not an excuse).

Guess I will feel forever frustrated that I cannot get the damn title.

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    Some people are not cut out to be developers. If they cannot grasp the concepts, they cannot do it no matter the teacher. This is not a reflection upon you, nor your tutoring abilities.

    A koan:

    A gourmet chef makes delicious food
    and wins many prominent awards.
    A duck enjoys a variety of fish
    but the chef can not teach it to cook them.
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    @Root that waa fucking beautiful
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    U seem new here
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    @Frederick it was CSS, nothing related to positioning or creating something from 0 - just tweaking existing values and adjusting colors to the values that were already defined by other teams.

    I guess I'd understand if it's a backend trying to do something elaborated without previous knowledge on the front but it's a person who claims to have 7 yrs experience working with front...?
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    @Root the koan is amazing, thanks for sharing! I don't want to be the person snitching but I don't really see another solution.
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