Ok. This is going to be an odd one. (Maybe). I'm coming back here because you fine folx are my final intelligent option.

I'm looking for a site or system that will allow me to set up virtual bank-style accounts for multiple users and allow them to transfer funds between each other. All virtual, no real cash or cash-equivalent involved.

Something simple enough that I could run it off a spreadsheet (since that's what I'm currently using) but in a way that I don't have to change numbers every time someone wants to move money.

I guess in a way it would be similar to a very simple in-game economy. I could make payouts and users can trade funds. That's it.

Appreciate the help!

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    So, a database
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    @endor Yes, thank you.

    I was looking for an already existing service though, so there's no way I can be accused of tampering with my own system.
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    @Harvey but you can tamper with the spreadsheet aswell... Make it simple:
    Each user gets an ID
    Each transaction gets a from, to and amount field. Also a comment maybe. That's it, sum it all up and group it (in mysql for example) to get the balances and histories for each user.
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