Covid rant
I had my last day at previous job in mid Jan, and 1st day at new job, thousands of km accross the country, in another city, in Feb.

I had great difficulty in finding an apartment that's decent and close to my office. Finally got one with a hefty rent for 1BHK, hefty brokerage and a hefty sum as security deposit; in March. Within a week, I spent shit load of money buying things, like a new fridge, washing machine, chair, table etc...

Didn't live there for 7 days, as soon as the lockdown started.
Every month my heart shatters paying the rent :(
17.5k INR :(

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    Why did you leave though?
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    200 eur for the rest of the world, would it be that hard to use an internationally accepted currency?

    Also that doesnt really say much if we dont know your wage, id be cumming fucking confetti if i had to pay 200e for my rent.
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    @yellow-dog I second that, both the need for more information as well as the "cumfetti" (@rutee07 TM)
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    @yellow-dog you can search about “purchase power parity” the equivalent amount is 782€ not 200€
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    @rutee07 But you didn't, and here we are. So, what's next!

    @hardfault Honestly, that's still pretty good around here. It's not surprising to see it goes above 1k
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