You know what's funny?
When every job post requires you to know atleast 20 things.. but then you find yourself stuck at a job that needs you to do 1 stupid thing. And you need to actually FIGHT to not lose all the skills and knowledge you collected till now :(

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    One skill I've definitely accuired over the years is reading Res flags in job listings

    - asking for an entire it dep in 1 job opening --> everything will slowly become your problem, and you ain't getting time to fix it.
    - Asking for years of experience instead of skill level --> high chance of co-workers with a b
    Smooth talk I stead of solid Dev skills
    - junior pay for senior role --> being structurally underpaid because the company isn't viable
    - anything that sounds like "work hard, play hard" --> your expected to do an unreasonable amount of work and in return you get a pizza party
    - asking for flexible people without being flexible themselves --> overtime when it suits them, but still not being able to pickup your child from school in an emergency
    - getting an offer almost immediately based on your resume --> last dev left a dumpster fire, and they are desperate for someone to put it out
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    @wiwe2210 this deserves its own post man!
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    Yes. Engineers are treated as cogs in this industry.

    No one would tell an electrical engineer how to build a substation, but *everyone* has an opinion on our shit.

    I'm still of the opinion we shouldn't have let most people on the internet. It was way nicer in the before time.
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