!@#$#@%$!# YOU Internet Explorer.

Why do you make life so difficult- can't you just be like everyone else?


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    I'm actually pleasantly surprised that my most recent site only needed 1 (count it - ONE!!!) amendment for IE compatibility!!
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    @pyrotazz lol. Thats uncommon.
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    I assumed you haven't had the luxury to fix compatibility issues with IE6 or IE 5 for Mac?
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    IE should be abolished. And only edge should be kept or make FUCKING DUCKING FUCKING FUCKING SHIT ASS PIECE OF SHIT use as default Firefox or Chrome. They're trying helplessly. The teams behind IE or Edge are worthless shits. Change the teams, hire normal people and make the product better. Or give up microsoft. What's the deal. All the people who only use IE cuz they don't know how to use any other browser will be finally spared of cruelty and enjoy fast web.
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