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Ubuntu 16.04 can't build ROS.

I look retarded running a VM of Ubuntu 14 in Ubuntu 16

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    @frdinawan Thanks.you are a saviour.was already giving up
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    trying to get Ar Drone modules to work with Gazebo + ROS. all instructions results in errors. This is how I feel about ROS. + There are few sites that provides ROS preinstalled on ubuntu, not sure if on 16 though.
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    Works fine on Arch if you're looking for a reason to switch.. don't run a 14.x VM: that's waiving the white flag!

    If you buy into the hype of "it's bleeding edge and will break and cause all sorts of pain..." Then people seem to like Antergros as a middle ground. I think you can even convert an Antergros install into an Arch proper install, but someone correct me if that's wrong.

    I have one machine running Mint 18, and it's so frustrating to see how old some of the packages are.. not their fault, it just comes down the pipe that way. Once you get used to having up to date software it's hard to go back. ..

    No comment for the D.A. meme above. Really?!
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