This shit is🔥. This is gold!

Watching CEOs of the tech Titans getting grilled? LIVE? I'll take that!


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    Schadenfruit is this year's hottest ice cream flavor.
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    I'll check a summary tomorrow, but honestly, when you see that much difference/hoarding (see picture below), something needs to be done.
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    You guys are starting to realize why I'm always on about their employee cost cutting bullshit.
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    @SortOfTested It's awesome. It is very clear that they're being monopolistic and exercising purgatory behaviors over small businesses and seeing the story excuses they present in front of the committee as answers, is mind blowing.

    @Jilano yeah I mean, they've gotten out of hand with so much power.
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    Considering this congressional 'bread and circus' show only for candidates to have sound bites for their campaigns, I'm not impressed.

    What would impress me is if Bezos asked "Show of hands, how many of you are Prime members? One, two...10....sorry, losing count."

    Drops his pants, pees on the carpet, and walks out.

    I mean, what exactly would congress going to do?

    Schumer: "This is a contempt of congress!!"

    Pelosi: "Shhh...he's going to give millions to Bidens campaign."

    Schumer: "Oh...Get this man a glass of water! He's dehydrated!"
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    @PaperTrail yup. That's the sad part. Probably nothing will be done.
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    predatory*, sorry* in my previous comment.
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    The issue isn't whether something should be done, it's what exactly you do.

    Break them up in the right way and you create healthy competition which is great for the consumer, great for competition and great for genuine progress.

    Breaking these companies up in the wrong way though could essentially kill them dead in the water, which means further opportunities for China to weigh in. Given current events, congress will be *very* weary of anything that could cause that to happen.

    Of course, if you had a bunch of really smart, driven people in the room then they could probably, on balance, get it to work. But what you have in the room are a bunch of politicians who barely understand how their phone is switched on, so the chances of anything meaningful or good coming from this are close to nil.
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    @AlmondSauce Yeah I guess constant emphasis on Democrats vs Republicans by some congressmen and "oh why Facebook is censoring conservative views?" And "Facebook let Russia help Trump win" proves your point.

    Some Congress members seem to use this as part of their political agenda and others appear to completely miss the big picture. What's at stake is much bigger than conservatives vs liberals but well... Who gives a damn, right?
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    @OneCommitMan "What's at stake is much bigger than conservatives vs liberals" Yup, exactly - good luck getting any politician to see that. They only care about what's going to help them win the next election.
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    @SortOfTested It's the kind of thing where I can't say I'm surprised, but still disappointed. Same goes for companies like Activision/Blizzard firing a thousand employees and giving their CEO a 20M bonus. They're all the same, unfortunately.

    I heard just this morning on the news about a random company selling luxury goods (can't remember the name). Their profits were three times inferior thanks to the COVID-19 yet they still didn't lose any money. That makes you think, eh
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    @FrodoSwaggins You mean you wouldn't take the grilling, which amounts to very little in practice since it'll likely be forgotten about in a week, for more money than you could know what to do with in a single year?

    I'd probably take the job, retire after a few months and live happily ever after!
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    Everything leads to employee cutting.They'll fire people here and hire someone from overseas simply so they don't have to pay them raises for 6 years. It's hella predatory, fucks the local economy and just makes companies richer while impoverishing their communities and driving wages down.
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    @theKarlisK Gore alert lol
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