Life is like git...
Think before you commit

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    And you never know what you get
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    @juzles haha yeah
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    And find a master to merge to, and hope you don't cause conflicts. You don't want to rebase a relation
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    Why? One of the best things with git is history rewriting. Think before you push (and that's mostly true when pushing to non-user branches)
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    ... in case of conflicts, force push
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    I would love it if life was like Git. Commit when everything is fine, take a big chance, and if it doesn't work out, just revert to the last commit.

    A bit like "Groundhog Day", when Bill Murray gets to "refactor" the same day over and over until he perfectly nails it.
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    @Grumpy exactly. Rebase and ctrl-z in real life would be amazing. If that existed I'd be asking for a raise and promotion tomorrow. If they say no, revert.
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    And watch if you want to pull or push (doors)
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