I am from a third world country. Although I went to one of the better schools in my neighborhood, the education didnt work out very well for me (maybe because I wasn't the brightest kid in class). Nothing made much sense except math, but didnt do very well at that either since the number of equations I had to memorize increased every year and I hated memorizing. One day programming started to make sense and from then I got the best scores in the class for programming, somewhat decent scores in math and languages and barely made it for other subjects.

I just continued doing the only thing I was good at. I am really curious about physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects and I religiously watch youtube videos and read articles explaining related concepts. Maybe I would have followed a different career path if my science teachers made any sense. Or maybe I am too dumb for that.

Is programming for me? I am still not sure but I know this is something I like.

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    Yeah third world citizens unite! 🤘
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    Being from the third world, there is always this question of am I good enough on a global scale and can I make it?

    Truth is, if you enjoy it, then it's for you. Follow it through. If at some point you find something else better, jump to it.

    But if you are good at it, and it feels right then hell yeah you are good enough to atleast follow it through and something at the end.
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