Yo the developers I see on Instagram are doing 100days of code with 3/4 monitors along with a laptop and tablet side by side. rich af lol. seems like a show off but idk.may be im saying that cause i can't currently afford it lol.

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    Maybe they found them in dumpsters?
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    @electrineer lol not sure about that 😅
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    @rocktim Don't think too much about what people write/post on social media. There's a big chance it's all fake.
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    The fake Instagram lifestyle isn't restricted to airbrushing models. It's also rife on impractically silly numbers of monitors to try to compensate for... elsewhere.
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    I personally can't see the use of more than two monitors; maybe three at max if one shows a video to look at from time to time.
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    @AlmondSauce Idk, I would like to have three monitors tbh
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    @kescherRant 3 is what I'd consider the upper end of sensible for most people. But 4, plus a laptop screen, plus a tablet is just showing off in a meaningless way. If you need that much space for doing something like 100 days of code, then you just need to learn to manage your real estate more effectively.
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    @AlmondSauce Personally I use two monitors and a laptop.

    But on the laptop I got email and slack and the two bigger is visual studio or sql manager and the website I am working on.

    I could probably use one or two more but that mainly saves some time switching or would be used for video conferencing while still being able to work.
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    @AlmondSauce I personally never used a monitor tbh. I had been using a crappy laptop for 2 years which i got when i was like 16 or something (im 21 now). Even finished two internships just using that. But finally bought a good laptop 2 months ago.and working on that feels heavenly for me lol.
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    yeah I don't know how and they post pretty hot photos which I like atleast :P but agreed totally show off
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    I have 3 monitors but it’s not all that necessary.
    I don’t really need my terminal open all the time in a separate monitor.

    Sometimes I just get annoyed by all the window management and find I get more focused when I switch to a single screen.
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    I'm programming for about 22 years and for a short time I had two monitors. of course two monitor is good enough, but during these years I just worked with my laptop and that's ok.
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    When you realize how thoroughly people's grasp of 'reality' is based entirely on perception, you'll either become jaded as fuck, go back to sleep and completely deny it, a hermit with little outside contact, or absolutely corrupt.

    Hence "trying to look cool."

    How many people get deals because what they're making "looks cool?"

    How many products get bought because "it looks cool".

    How many people get laid because they look "cool"?


    Two rules in life to live by:

    1. always be cool.

    2. never be uncool, unless you're hot, and then it doesn't matter.
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