React Native testing is hair pulling.

Every test needs to have 100 different mocks in place and there are: 3 different methods to mock a function (mock, mockImplementation, and fn), 3 different types of query methods to get elements (get, find, and query), and 5 different selectors to query on (accessibility label, testId, accessibility hint, accessibility value, etc.)

And after reading all this, being diligent and learning the difference between stupid, synonymously-named functions which have wildly different side effects like "getByA11yHint" and "findByA11yHint" (ugh...), after all that, you write out a test with all the appropriate mocks and you want to do something simple and it beats you up all over again.

Button enabled or button disabled. Simple right? Logically the former is "expect(elem).toBeEnabled()" and the latter is "expect(elem).not.toBeEnabled()", right?

Wrong! You're an imbecile. Your tests will fail and never tell you that ".not.toBeEnabled()" and ".toBeDisabled()" don't do the same thing even though they look and sound exactly the same. Only the latter will work. The former makes all your tests fail. Where is this written in the docs? Nowhere?! Great!


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    just started yesterday react native testing with detox, pretty cool so far, i have not seen much documented online tbh
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    @Clear0Ff we use jest only, detox looks like what I've been wanting, I'll have to give it a try.
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    Have you tried a big ol bowl of spaghetti Os? Really takes the edge off before unittesting
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