You know what would be a great project? A reality TV show, like "Hell's Kitchen" or "Bar Rescue", but instead we come to companies and help their development teams. 😛

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    I would definitely watch that

    Huge +1
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    I think that people sitting behind screens might not be the most spectacular tv. I would watch it though
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    @Charmgoggles we can yell at them lol

    "What the fuck is that?! My dead grandma can code better than you!"
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    The Refactor
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    What are you?
    > A keyboard
    > An idiot keyboard sir
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    With some expert commentary: "George decides to refactor his code, is that the wisest move given the time constraint?"
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    From a silly sounding idea it could actually be pretty good.

    Shows like hell's kitchen and hotel inspector seem to be quite popular.

    Could work.

    I'd watch it.
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    Do a new "the office" featuring game dev company or a smaller dev house.

    The various characters you could come up with, satire, akward scenarios and office pranks are almost endless.
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    Silicon Valley?
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