That fealling when your in a social dinner with friends (non programmers or techies) and everyone has great histories about work situations... and then you try to tell your history... and then you think about it.. and then you give up because no one will be so excited about some major bug you solved

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    "this one day I was waiting for my pm to respond and I started posting Facebook status updates from the terminal using the graph api and..."

    *blank stares*

    "anyways, tell me more about your retail job."
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    Try to tell it with a example they can relate to, like a restaurant setup.
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    @kevbost sad.... so sad....
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    I know that feel. I got no techies in my friendcircles and i often feel bad about it cause sometimes i got nothing to talk about what may interest them && me. :/
    Thats why i am here now. <3
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    @xava true sorry about it :(
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    That's because in your story, you didn't solved the major bug during your sleep, and wake up to solve it while your dream still fresh ^^'
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    @loneRanger yep I know that fealing too, but then again you can still find some excitement when talking with techies not with some specific subject, but in general.
    I have some doctors and and some teachers friends. And some situations they tell, are like movies and so much social acceptance that we don't stand a chance.
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