I want an ergodox but don't have the courage of spending around 400 cad for it :/

why cool things are so expensive?

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    The first rule of ergodox is, you build it yourself.
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    Dang, and I thought my $240 Leopold FC660C was expensive.

    Totally worth it for the Topre switches though. I can't go back to the Cherry switches now...
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    @EmberQuill Oh?
    Sell me on them.
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    Bruh, why would tell me this, now I want it too
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    @SortOfTested I'm pretty much sold, but am I wrong on this hot dox isn't possible to connect the tilt kit?
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    I'd been fantasizing (because I simply couldn't afford it) about getting an Ergodox EZ for close to two years, when last month, suddenly, I had this thought to search in the local Facebook Market for one.

    One had been listed a week ago... by some game streamer wannabe rich kid who didn't really know what an Ergodox was (just that is was mechanical keyboard), bought one, didn't like it.

    I got it from him for less than half the original price (he used it less than a month).

    Only thing left I had to do was switch out the red switches to Clears.

    What luck! Maybe you'll get yours from the second-hand market. :)
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    @EmberQuill which one is the topre switches?
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    @adunSomehow wow, so lucky! going to search it right now!
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    That's an ergodox ez brand attachment. You could tap the case or 3d print and bond an attachment of you wanted. There's a large number of ergodox options since it's a diy-community concept.

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    you know whats cool? meditation (and its free)

    always thought it was just closing your eyes or some shit.

    well it is.

    sort of.

    but too many people believe it is this big complicated thing. do you hold perfectly still? nope! if you need to move multiple times to get comfortable, you can. do you try not to scratch an itch? nope! scratch away.

    what about when you get bored and start having distracting thoughts like what you want to eat later, if you forgot to lock your car, and whether or not you disposed of your targets w/o leaving evidence while doing that one hit for the nsa?

    thats actually *part* of it: you'll find all sorts of thoughts will suddenly arise, *as if by their own accord*. each time, instead of engaging these thoughts, gently return to say, focusing on the feel of your breathe on your lips.

    gradually as you keep refocusing, you will find you can control this "mind wander" improving acuity.

    congrats. now you have something cool thats also free.

    that'll be $20.
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