my best use of Linux's ability to pipe together commands
git | cowsay | lolcats

I also have a custom bash script written that if the message is longer than 50 lines it writes cuts it off with a '...more' and outputs to a file where I can read the full details if needs be.

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    The second part of the image is also custom bash logic that if git returns nothing.
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    Honestly I haven’t messed with piping but I want to but I don’t know how and what resources are a good help. Side note I’m still new to using Linux
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    are those cow boobs?
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    Gimme gimme github

    I need this for professional work when people are looking over my shoulder yet again
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    Add this to .bashrc , reset source, then use 'g' instead of 'git'. If there is 'more' it dumps the whole thing to ~/fullcow.txt

    Just make sure to apt or yum cowsay and lolcat

    For extra credit change you can change the cow into another animal, from the default list, or make your own.(see cowsay docs)

    function cs() {
    $@ > ~/fullcow.txt
    if [ -s ~/fullcow.txt ]
    cat ~/fullcow.txt | awk 'NR<33 { print } NR==33 {print "...more"}' | cowsay -W 150 -T " U" -n
    cowthink -T " U" -e "--" "8=D"
    export -f cs

    function lcs() {
    less ~/fullcow.txt
    export -f lcs

    function g() {
    cs git $@ | lolcat
    export -f g
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    dmesg | lolcat

    Enjoy your epilepsy
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