I need to uninstall WSL from windows 10. And the Microsoft docs suggests that uninstall with 'lxrun' command then also in one of their reference pages it says that lxrun is deprecated for windows 10. tf

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    They don't even update the very console app they make, the powershell. You need to install it yourself. What did you expect lol.
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    @melezorus34 fcking microsoft :/
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    @melezorus34 No, this is totally reasonable.
    3.0 built on .NET 3+, thus wasn't able to load .NET 2.0 binaries.
    (No idea what happened with Powershell 4.0, guess .NET 4+ was required, not installed by default on Server 2008)
    With PS 5.0, new security features were added. Previous versions allowed you to run older Powershell versions at the same time, which was removed with 5.0 (except for manually installed PS 2) so they are not circumventable by switching to old versions. As this is a potentially breaking change, it must be applied manually.

    PS 6 ('core') dropped many things for cross platform compatibility, PS 7 slowly gaining feature parity. Also 6 and later versions are developed independently of Windows versions.

    While not ideal, there are reasons for it.
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    You're not supposed to uninstall it, but if you really want to, just do a backup and reinstall Windows. Just works™
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