So.. I had lots of jobs.
Since my 20s I picked mostly heavy work instead of intelectual work.
Went to the army, drove trucks, Cutted steel , worked a lot in were houses.
One of my jobs was cutting steel for the molding industry. I was replacing a guy who lost his finger in a saw.
Temp that was there for less then a year tought me so well in the first day, one year latter I was still working exactly has he tought me.
Best worker I ever saw, all movements were precise, exact measures to the mm, ways to do the work better and more precise...
Then proceeded to do shit, spent hours in the bathroom watching anime and playing on his phone.
Turns out he was already on his second year as a temp (wich is illegal in my country, can only do 1 year as a temp), and to make a contract the company wanted to pay even less then minimum wage.
Leaving me doing all the work.
So.. I broke my back, stopped working and as a thanks (I was still a temp and was already at the end of my second year) they just finish my contract.
One year after, the guy I went to replace got fired because couldn't do the work as me or my pro college.
My pro college got a better job.
Now I usually work in the molding industry and many of the companies I used to cut steel to changed suppliers because they started to have problems with that one. Like blocks of steel smaller that what they needed....
To bad this guy wasn't in a manager position... His the kind of guy professionals want as a boss

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