ME: *runs a load test for the umpteenth time*

RDS DB: *is slow af: HI contentions*

ME: "dear AWS support, I see the RDS has troubles writing to disk as THIS db exhibits 10x higher W latencies than THAT OTHER db we have. Both are identical, apps are identical."

AWS: "Hello, I hope you have a good day. After the investigation that took us almost 2 weeks, we can confirm that there are 10x higher IO latencies to disks: [CloudWatch link]. We also see a high load average during your tests.

We recommend investigating the high load average and tuning your queries along with the database.

I hope this helps, good day."

ME: *are you seriously calling this PREMIUM support package....?*

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    I think Salesforce may have started this trend - it's capitalising on "Google it" being a level of support, and everything above that being chargeable.

    So "Free support from a crappy offshore company that knows nothing" is now generally rebranded as "Premium support" and costs thousands a year, and "Google it or ask on forums" is now rebranded as "free community support".

    I mean, it's a royal PITA and a colossal rip-off, but I've got to hand it to the marketing guys - I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years 🤷‍♂️
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