My first vacation of the year! Two whole glorious weeks away from the office!

Well, you know, except for the dozen or so inevitable prod support calls I'm sure to get :(

Sure wish I was actually going somewhere and doing something, but given what year it is, just sitting on the couch and getting fat(ter) doesn't sound so bad.

And maybe work on the 10 different side projects I've got going somewhere along the way.

But mostly just sitting on my ass doing nothing, and it'll be glorious!

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    I did that once when I got burned out. Better thing is go to some other city than yours it can do wonders. Rent some apartment and chill
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    @F1973 Got a new game project starting up, finishing up a web site for a friend (nothing elaborate, so low-pressure), final editing on my latest tech book, also getting back to work on my second novel, and laying down some music tracks finally... oh, and naturally, the honey-do list for the ol' marital unit :) Lots of irons in the fire, but it's all pretty stress-free stuff that I (mostly) enjoy.
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    @PurgeXenos We had a nice cruise scheduled, but COVID took care of that one :( I do have a few days trips on the schedule at least, so better than nothing. I know what you mean though, truly getting away would be nice... unfortunately, I can't really do that: first official day of vacation and I got a call from work already :( Fortunately, they were able to handle it before I even had a chance to log in, but that's why really getting away is problematic. But, a few day trips plus some low-stress work that tI enjoy I think will do the trick.
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