Who will try it?

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    Make pull requests into Microsoft's github, it'll will be fun
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    I copy paste code into text editor and search for all semicolons, they get highlighted, then it's up to you yo pind the one that is not highlighted
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    Hehe... I'm going to try this with some of our Java code just for fun. I'll put it into one of the less commonly used methods, so it should take my colleagues quite a while to track down, especially considering they still insist on using MS VSS... :D
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    Absolutely evil.
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    Calm down, Satan.
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    planning on doing this to a friend's Laravel project if I get the chance hahaha
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    One of my friends did that to someone and that person was like "what?! How is this NOT working?"

    Eventually he was stuck for over a day until he was told there was one semicolon was that Greek character. Like bitchmove.
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