Any good sites/tools for fast web design prototyping? (like jsfiddle but without having to refresh the view (at least manually))

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    Leaving comment for notifs...
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    @soulevans07 same as this guy
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    Codepen.io at least auto refreshes for you.

    I've used it for a few small things.
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    Codepen, but imo if you don't have a local setup including browsersync you're not even a dev
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    Plnkr is decent. Biggest gripe I have with all these is how utter shit they are for mobile viewing.
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    +1 for plunkr. Its kinda slow but it's powerful.
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    @SweetHuman Same here. Looks like we would need a subscribe to rant option? @dfox @trogus
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    For website... I dont know. As for program:
    Brackets + Google Chrome 😊
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    Local env with browsersync is the way to go for dev. Tunnel it and you can show your remote teammates!
    However, for small code snippets and/or little experimental things, go codepen. It refreshes automatically and you can save each little experiment/snippet in your codepen library for future reference.
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    Prototype for website, I use Jekyll, then host on github.
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    ngrok + browser-sync
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