Just ordered Pizza. You get 10% off when ordering via their own website, so I did. They calculated the new price on their site, sent it to PayPal and PayPal did another 10% off...

How's something like that in production?

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    @Letmecode it's not but usually those sites have a fancy ass design and have great UX and whatnot and in the end they lose a lot of money because of stupid devs working on the backend.
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    It may be their business model. You will tell about this site to your friends, family etc. Free publicity?
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    @arunabhghosal might be but I doubt it. There are a lot of "delivery service aggregators" in my country and they explicitly tell people to not use them but their own site to get 10% off and no delivery costs. The receipt states the wrong amount as well.
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    @On-xTone I reckon the pizza won't be that attractive anymore when it arrives in California ;)
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