I need to shoot some QAs out of a cannon. Not being trained in artillery ballistics, this is a challenge. Does any kind soul have suggestions for correct charge quantities, caliber, and trajectory projections? Thanks in advance.

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    Just put a nuke in it, I'm sure it'll work
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    @alexbrooklyn unfortunately that would reduce the entertainment value.
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    Barrel should be high temperature ceramic. Feed detcord to the base, add tamped dryer lint as the base, followed by pig fat, then a pile of magnesium strips, then some thermite, in 1:1:.2:4 ratio, add the QA. Seal it off at the top end, light the detcord.

    It won't fire, but it'll get real hot and destroy any evidence.
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    @SortOfTested Nice one.

    Insulin overdose.

    Simple and efficient.
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    @SortOfTested thats.... oddly specific. You have experience in dealing with QA?
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    D = a*x*x*+b*x+c

    Now project that on axes and you'll get the arc for shouting.

    Does not takes air resistance into account
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