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    Google is complex and often inconsistent which makes it difficult to understand what's going on. But, what I believe is going on here: Google only shows the stars from Google reviews where as the rating is calculated by Google and external sources...ie: Google reviews licenses/uses data from a variety of sources; hotel/flight/car sites, book sites, etc....so I'm sure that's what's happening there.
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    You should have seen their election night coverage. They were coloring the side that was ahead.
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    5 reviews with 4.6 average rating
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    I guess the "5*" is being filtered according to device/location/version etc., while 4.6 is on the whole
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    Maybe you happened to look right as the most recent non-5* review was posted and only the number was programmed to update in real time, but not the bar chart
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    @Demiourgos You work at Google?!
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    I suspect that it is because some people can choose not to disclose their rating publicly.
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    Or it could just be eventual consistency...
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    I love how people usually will go "this company is soo stupid" and circulate something like this as "proof" for years - while here people will provide a plausible explanation right away.

    Devs ftw.
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