"Your XML is malformed by these strange tags CDATA. I've cleaned it up ;)"

Fuckity Fuck my boy, now the whole website is down. All hail the magic push to prod button.

(there were snippets of user provided HTML that was passed over XML by a microservice)

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    omg i'm not a programmer but somehow i feel so much anger.... 😡 such an idiot! arghhh! cdata is important!
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    The real crime here is using XML in 2020
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    @Python I like XML

    @HitWRight I'm not surprised. XML is pretty, has good documentation...

    How could someone not fuck this Up *shrug*

    I share your rage... Some companies sent me CSV instead because they were "unable to generate XML".
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    ctrl + f
    search for: (<CDATA>)(*.$)(</CDATA>)
    replace with:
    [x] replace all instances
    [x] Global
    [Search and replace]

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    "your brain has been malformed by this strange phenomenon called ignorance. i'm fixing it by sending you following link: <link to an explanation directly from official xml specs about what cdata is>"
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