Working for friends that want to launch a start-up, providing them with what sounds like reasonable advices to me e.g 'maybe test your concept with some leads before asking me to develop the website', 'focus only on the main 2-3 features so we could launch quicker as I am solo dev on this' and 'once set, don't change everything every morning as I cannot make progress on the site if you keep asking me to code X versions of your fucking landing page (that they don't use)' and the only response I got goes like : "okay okay, BUT we've decided to do it this way, no need to test, customer will love it for sure' SURE ! But I am the only one to have a job and sleeping 3 hours to code your shit at night, while your lazy asses remain peacefully waiting for it to become 'the new Amazon' !

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    I don't mean to sound cynical here but, what they will gain from this failed project is lots of exposure and experience and you wouldn't have gained much, unless its something exciting.
    I hope you are not doing this for free. At least have some good stake in the company(on paper). Also, you DO HAVE A SAY. So, if you don't like it either get paid or fuck it.
    Trust me, I have lost friends because of such reasons before.
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    You already know this situation is doomed. The more you go without sleep the sooner it all falls apart. Kind of like that vh1 show "behind the music" there is always that part where things spiral out of control.
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    @SuperNOVA you're right, choice is on me, I guess I will quit, no time for that
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