When self-proclaimed Wordpress-wanna-be-webmaster-wizards of the universe ask me why it takes us so long to finish a project and that he can do anything we do in WP in a short period of time:

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    I get that a lot. Almost all of my clients have had a 'CS education'.

    When I write 'one week for CSS' in my estimates I get asked 'why not use a theme?'
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    @saintograph ^This. And Wordpress and all those other cms systems are the most convoluted mess on the planet. You basically lose control over everything, plugins start failing, customizations almost certainly cause problems with X, Y and Z in some of the 7474884 files that comprise this pile of madness, shitty load times and the list goes on and on... No thank you, I'd rather jump into a shredder than deal with this BS.
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    @thecritic Most gratifying client was this lady who asked for static HTML. I completed the project and did a submission.

    First thing she did was upload the whole folder as a WordPress theme.

    She asked why was an error message displayed( 'CSS missing or something'). I was called a fraud :-D
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    @saintograph haha epic fail!
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    Get the fuck out of here
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    I feel like Drupal is somewhere between. Just enough CMS for custom content, but you get the option to either configure the shit out of a ton of modules or write custom code under your control. That and Drupal 8 can go headless for a fully custom front end if you wish.
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    Look I don't want to bash anyone for using a CMS, as they are very cost-efficient in many cases and very quickly set up. But don't even dare to come to me and brag about your shit and downplay mine.

    I am a little upset about CMS in general because nowadays clients who have no idea think non-CMS sites are suppsosed to be finished in the same amount of time, which is quite impossible...
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    @thecritic I totally agree. The worst feeling in the world for me personally is getting on board with some kind of inbound marketing platform and the first thing they ask is if you have the Yoast plugin configured. I'm like, "ummm no. Not yet." lol
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    @thecritic I've used Joomla successfully all while designing a custom theme and plugins, of course not without banging my head against the wall. I'm moving to KeystoneJS next year. I think it's a better fit for most Devs that need something that they can hack to taste.
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